Muriel Knott/Saanich Open

The Muriel Knott that morphs into the Saanich Open was a huge success.Thanks to Anne and Pat for their continued efforts to keep this sport fun in the Brentwood area.
There were 104 people of all levels and all ages playing from Monday through to Sunday.
On Monday and Thursday was the fun part also known as the Handicap. This is where our beginners, hopefuls and sometimes the really great players get on court and just have some good old fashion fun!!!! Scores get changed right in the the middle of games, sometimes racquets get exchanged for shorter racquets, thank the badminton gods Anne and Pat didn’t make someone where gumboots or make you hold a balloon with your badminton arm next to your body. Lots of games and prizes. How smashing is that?
Tuesday and Wednesday are Vet nights. You’re supposed to be over 40 but I have my suspicions that under age players are brought in as ringers!!!! Damaris Brix came up big in 2 events. Once with me (Mary-Jo) and once with Peter (hubby). The men had so many teams I couldn’t keep track but someone must ended up at the top of the pile. I do know that the socializing afterwards was a big smash as they emptied the fridge!!!!!
Friday through Sunday was the MAIN event. Mixed on Friday. Saturday at both Brentwood and Cordova Bay hosted the Singles and Doubles (I’m thinking we should get a shuttle car or………). People were driving back and forth. Ah yes, true to form, the craziness of the Muriel Knott Classic.
Then the ever great potluck on Saturday night. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to make my lasagna (young Peter was so disappointed) but there was so much yummy food. If you didn’t come you missed out on the Ip’s contribution of a HUGE cake (to die for awesome)!!!! Those who came to the pot luck got a prize!!!
We handed out an Award. It was first introduced in February at the Brentwood Master’s but felt this was the proper event to present it. It’s in memory of Eddie Chang. He was a very important local supporter of badminton in the past. He played , he volunteered, he promoted the sport, he helped new budding athletes, he loved and he laughed. His spirit will be with us forever. The first recipient was Rob Oldfield (given out earlier this year at the Feb. Brentwood Masters), the second recipient was Mary-Jo Randall (me) at the Muriel Knott/Saanich Open. I was too choked to speak but I’d like to thank the badminton academy (just joking). I too love badminton and will promote it as long as I possibly can. Thank you for letting me do what I love and honouring me too!!!!
Sunday we had all our finals for the open.
Men’s singles – Neil Ward over Bryan Cassels 13-21, 21-18, 21-17
Women’s singles – Eunice Chan over Lyndsay Thompson 21-15,6-21, 21-15
Men’s doubles – Bryan Cassels and Pat Thompson over Eugene Chan and Robbie Thomas 21-12, 10-21, 24-22
Women’s doubles – Candice Ip and Megan Yim over Damaris Brix and Geraldine Pugh 21-17, 21-13
Mixed doubles – Bryan Cassels and Candice Ip over Rhea Ellis and Eugene Chan 19-21, 21-12, 21-12
All in all it was a great time by all. The Volunteers made it a great success. The concession was wonderful. The socializing was number one.
Thank you Anne Henderson and Pat Kirk we love you!!!!!!