2012 Island Junior Open results

The tournament was a great success. The support and help of my many volunteers has impressed all our participants. The positive and encouraging feed back will be invested into next year’s event.

We had 74 participants with 31 from Vancouver Island. I would like to give a big thank you to the 43 participants that came from the mainland. They are very dedicated players and we from the Island enjoy the challenge of playing each and everyone of them. Here are the winners and runners up for 2012.


Mary-Jo Randall, Head Coach of Administration

Event Winners Runner Up
U12 BS Nik Whang Cruz Mandinu De Silva
U12 BD Nik Whang Cruz/Mandinu De Silva Anthony Foster/Michael Franiek
U14 BS Steven Lu Kevin Luo
U14 BD Kevin Luo/John Tam Jonah Lee/Maric Son
U14 GS Ruiqi He Jodi Fei
U14 GD Ariana AuYeung/Ruiqi He Sara Cui/Coco Lee
U14 XD Jodi Fei/John Tam Ruiqi He/Kevin Luo
U16 BS Antonio Li Jack Lin
U16 BD Antonio Li/Felix Law Simon Cheng/Jack Lin
U16 GS Quinzi Ouyang Dora Chien
U16 GD Dora Chien/Jasmine LI Kylie Cheng/Quinzi Ouyang
U16 XD Kylie Cheng/Simon Cheng Dora Chien/Jack Liu
U19 BS Matt Downton CalvinĀ  Che
U19 BD Allen Lee/Alex Lim Jenkin Chu/Aaron Lee
U19 GS Joanna Che Candice Ip
U19 GD Joanna Che/Emma Lin Katrina Cheng/Candice Ip
U19 XD Candice Ip/Matt Downton Emma Lin/Alex Lim