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The purpose of the PacificSport Regional Badminton Centre (RBC) is to provide a facility to aid the development of badminton in the Lower Vancouver Island region, and in other parts of the Province of British Columbia and Canada as requested. In particular, and to the limit of its resources, the RBC shall provide an organizational base for coaching at all levels.


The RBC is dedicated to providing programs for all youth, which allow for vertical integration into the sport of badminton. This is being achieved through instructional/participation programs at schools and recreation centers; Select and Competitive training for those wishing to advance to the highest levels of the sport; hosting various tournmanets in the region; offering camp opportunities at various times of the year; by recruiting coaches and offering coach educational opportunities for these coaches.

The long term goal is to build a suitable dedicated badminton facility. Such a facility would enable the RBC to offer more services to the recreational community, offer greater training opportunities to develope High Performance athletes, and a location to host National and International events.

Regional Badminton Centre History:

The RBC was started in the fall of 1995. The RBC was initialy the CCSDRBC, in conjunction with the Commonwealth Centre for Sport Development (CCSD). The CCSD was created from a legacy fund after the Commonwealth Games of 1994. The CCSD has since changed its name to PacificSport in the Spring of 1999. Thus, we have the present name of the PacificSport Regional Badminton Centre (RBC).

PacificSport is a National Sport Centre and houses many National Centre offices as well as numerous Regional Centre offices such as the RBC. PacificSport is one of four main partners of the RBC, the other partners include the Badminton Victoria, Badminton BC, and the Sport and Community Development Branch of the Provincial Government.

In the fall of 1995 Anil Kaul was hired as the first Director / Head Coach. Anil was an Olympian in 1992 ( Barcelona ) and 1996 ( Atlanta ) and came to Victoria with the experience of being the Provincial Coach of Manitoba . Anil benefited greatly from an excellent badminton community and a few special individuals, and managed to set up the ground work for the present structure of the RBC and its programs. In the Spring of 1998 Anil was drawn back to Winnipeg where he is now currently working in the pharmecutical industry.

In July of 1998, Hayden Kowel took over the position of Director / Head Coach of the Regional Badminton Centre. Hayden had recently graduated from the University of Calgary with his degree in Kinesiology and was the Head Coach of the Mount Royal College Badminton Team for two seasons. Hayden grew up playing badminton at the Calgary Winter Club and competed at the Provincial and National Level until 1994.

Hayden left the RBC in September 2002.

In September 2003 Jon Floyd was hired as the third individual to hold the position of Head Coach / Director. Jon had previously worked with Hayden as the Assistant Coach and Summer Camp Coordinator, and was also a recent BSC Kinesiology Graduate from the University of Victoria. Having grown up in Victoria, Jon has been involved in the Badminton Community for 10 years as a player and a Coach.

In September 2006, Mike Alexander came to Badminton Victoria from the “Rock” – Newfoundland. Mike was the Manager, Atlantic Development Initiative – a Badminton Canada program. He has served as an Assistant coach to Pan American Junior Teams for Canada.

In September 2007, Brad Jawl is the successful applicant. Brad impressed the Selection Committee with his education (kinesiology degree) and experience (coaching badminton at McGill University and worked as head coach for the Regional Badminton Centre for 2 summers).
Jeremy Cote has been the Head Coach for the last 3 years. He is a graduate of Kinesiology from Uvic.
Mary-Jo Randall is the current Head Coach as of September 2012.

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