Badminton BC Event Page

Here is a list of some tournaments of interest


1.) 2015 Knight to Remember Recreational Event

May 30th, 2015

This is open to all ages but of recreational skills – see list below

There are 6 categories based on skill sets and there will be 1 category  for 1 parent and child  as well.

Venue will be at St. Margaret’s School – 1080 Lucas Ave, Victoria

9am to 6pm

Level Overhead Strokes Underhand Strokes Neutral  Strokes Movement
1 – Beginner Can hit 2-3/10 overheads, no accuracy, no depth Very basic underhand shots – service is 2/10 Shuttle contact is less than 20% for neutral shots Mostly static, in-place hitting with occasional movement
1.5 Can hit 5/10 overheads. can hit back to server Learned basic concepts. May or may not hit shuttle consistently Learned basic concepts for a push, and drive. Execution is inconsistent Starting to move to intercept the shuttle but lacks coordination
2.0 Can hit 8/10 overheads. no placement accuracy. depth:can hit to mid-courtlearning to drop2-3/10 Can serve, but inconsistent in both getting the shuttle to the right place and consistency  (backhand versus forehand serve) Understand the differences between drives, blocks visually but is unable to replicate and is only able to hit shots in the most basic manner Knows the shots must be hit off of racquet foot and that shots at the net must be reached with the racket leg, but is inconsistent.
2.5 Can hit 10/10 Accuracy: 3/10 placement. mid-court depthDrops: 5/10Pace: low Serves are better, but singles serve does not reach the back line, short serve is  still a bit high at the net and introduction to the flick is underway Can hit neutral strokes with some consistency but still has difficulty in placing the shots where they need to go Beginning toGrasp and utilize  recovery skills
3.0 20/20 overheadsDepth: back double-service line.Accuracy:  5/10 to FH or BH courtDrop: 8/10, good bird anglePace: low


Long serve can consistently go to the back line, short serve is no longer high at the net but still not completely consistent Now can hit the basic underhand strokes  10 times in a row or more. Can now hit a full court clear and a drop consistently in the court (the above shots are not neutral) Movement is now consistent, but not necessarily as quick as needed for a higher level of playPlayer can move backwards on court with advanced skills like shuffle and chasse- Can perform basic defensive scissor kick
3.5 - 100% overheads- Back court line- accuracy 8/10- drops 10/10- pace low

- basic overhead backhand clear


All serves are now proficient and complete- Can lift a doubles smash straight with ¾ depth Pace and control of all shots is now higher and maintains consistency. Development of crosscourts is now underway but inconsistent Movement skills are now complete in that a player is able to move proficiently around the court be it in singles or doubles