Badminton Victoria


  • Provide opportunities for individuals of all levels, ages, and cultures to experience this great sport 
  • Support local recreation facilities by providing good quality, specialty programs for the general public
  • Provide development opportunities for athletes, coaches, and officials


  • Encourage and promote participation at badminton events throughout the community including  Badminton Victoria and Badminton BC events
  •  To streamline communication within the members to allow for feedback and exchange of idea’s. These include Facebook, emails, submission pages etc.
  • To promote companies/locations that align with our vision of promoting badminton on a larger scale to increase the heal of the sport

Board of Directors

A volunteer board of directors governs Badminton Victoria. The board functions as the financial management, planning and decision making body. They meet at least twice a year with additional meetings as needed.

The 2022/2023 Board of Directors:

Simon Siu, President

Geraldine Pugh, Secretary

David Gee, Treasurer

Donna Warrender

Yao Cui

Frank Ip

Candace Vandemark

Nathaniel Hayes

Eunice Chan