Badminton Victoria

Junior Programs

Starting this year we have better definitions of what is being taught in the rec centre programs and in the Badminton Exclusive programs. Please read below for descriptions of what you will be instructed on.

*All Rec Center sessions must be booked through each rec center location. All other sessions may be booked through Badminton Victoria by email or drop in.**


Beginner II   
Jr Competitive Beginner I Day Off

Adult Competitive Lessons

Private Lessons Available

Jr Competitive

Beginner ii

6:30-8:30p GHM

4:00-6:00p  Cordova Bay Hall 4:00-5:00p Commonwealth 5:00-7:00

Brentwood Hall

  8:00-9:30:a Cordova Bay Hall


Beginner II

 Jr Competitive Intermediate
6:30-8:30p GHM 5:00 – 6:00p Commonwealth      9:30-11:00a Cordova Bay Hall



Graeme MacInnes | Email

(more established players wanting to improve to a higher level)



Beginner Level I

  • minimal to no experience in badminton
  • sport introductory level
  • basic grip and hitting motions
  • most basic movements – racquet, non-racquet, racquet
  • static skills

Beginner Level II

  • Start movement skill development
  • Learn basic strategies
  • Skill development becoming a priority
  • More technically accurate overhead stroke, net shots
  • Learn the proper forehand and backhand grips
  • Introduce doubles and the basics of attack and defense
  • Introduce short and long serves


  • Overhead skills start working on placement, trajectory and accuracy
  • Fine tune service skills – placement and trajectory
  • Cross court shots – racquet side and non-racquet side overhead and from net
  • Proper backcourt backhand and grip – with bird low in the backcourt – timing
  • Introduce the slice or half smash
  • Chasse movement (one foot chases the other) and anticipatory hop work
  • Work on defense, the hop, body and foot position
  • Teach and work on the scissor
  • Instill the importance of the feeder when doing work or drills
  • Introduce the reverse slice
  • More complex doubles play – teach idea of attacking in sides when shuttle is lifted short – teach specific areas of attack etc.
  • Forecourt racquet speed

Junior Competitive

  • Work on moving back faster and smashing
  • teach step-hop/pivot-step movement backwards to non-racquet side
  • incorporate smash with above
  • work on speeding up racquet on defense and forecourt
  • start actual training with full physiological cost
  • start higher volume shot practice with movement
  • upgrade the skill level of their feeds
  • start concepts of deception
  • introduce the hold & flick on backhand and forehand – bird should be just behind service line when hit for now
  • work on speed and skill (smoothing out and recovery level) movement skills
  • introduce the reverse slice
  • more tactics and strategies in doubles, mixed and singles
  • one foot take-off to racquet side

Jr High Performance & High Performance

  • Entry into the High Performance Coach’s (currently Keith with Graeme assisting) program
  • High physiological levels needed
  • High volume and MUCH more demanding
  • Elite hitting techniques
  • Spinning the shuttle
  • Returning spins
  • Much more work on speed, recovery
  • Hold clears and attack clears
  • Getting into more racquet speed and deception
  • 2 on 1, 3 on 1, 3 on 2, full court work with peers, feeding skills significant
  • 2 foot take-off jump smash